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Fresh Potato and Onion Update for 2/19/18

Fresh Potato and Onion Update for 2/19/18

Happy Presidents Day!


Idaho: Potato demand in Idaho is light with Norkotah pricing down from last week. There is good availability of all items.

Colorado: Demand for potatoes is light in Colorado. Prices are steady but there are deals available.

Washington: In Washington, potato demand is light and prices have slipped a little. This is due in most part to transportation issues. Truck competition remains tight but there has been some relax in demand.

Wisconsin: Potato demand is fairly light with prices holding steady.


Truck demand is down in Idaho, Washington, and Colorado. Rates have decreased some over the last month. But nursery shipments will start in Oregon and Washington the end of February creating higher demand for trucks in the Northwest.


Idaho/Oregon: Transportation continues to be an issue from Idaho/Eastern Oregon. Some shippers are willing to give adjustments on FOB pricing to keep things moving. Quality remains good with few issues showing up. Jumbo yellows are the most plentiful and the market is steady.

Washington: There has been some price slippage in Washington due to transportation issues and increased demand from several different commodities. We believe the market will settle down soon.

Utah: Utah seems to be moving more onions out but FOB’s are higher. Their freight rates are like Idaho potato rates. Quality appears to be good.

Texas/Mexico: The weather has warmed in Mexico so they are bringing more onions across the border. We expect to be at full volume by mid-week. Unless weather changes, we’ll have a steady supply into June. Quality has been very good and we expect that to continue. Red onions will start mid-week in better volume.

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