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Current Market Trends Report for 10/30/17

Current Market Trends Report for 10/30/17

At Garnand Marketing, we know you’re busy. It’s our job to partner with you, providing you the highest quality produce at the best prices. In an effort to keep you up-to-date with crops, market trends, news, and pricing, we publish this weekly at-a-glance report. From top-rated programs to promotional planning, let us help you with all your fresh produce needs.


Idaho: Potato demand is good on all packs. Prices are firm with Burbank prices about $1.00 higher than Norkotahs.

Washington: Harvest is going well with completion expected in the next week or so. The Norkotah crop has better size but acreage is still down statewide with yields off 10-15%. Overall quality is excellent.

Colorado: Potato demand in Colorado is excellent and prices are firm to higher.

Wisconsin: Demand is moderate with prices firm to higher with shippers remaining very bullish.


Freight rates in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington continue to be high. Demand for trucks is high and with all the new crops shipping from these locations. It has created a buyer’s market. That will change at some point in October as freight eases up, but the holidays are right around the corner which will see an immediate repeat in a few short weeks.

Expect rates to be a bit higher than last year due to increased fuel costs.

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Idaho/Oregon: Yields vary due to late planting and the weather during the summer. The general feeling is that yields are 30% below normal and as much as 50% below last season. Some areas are a bit better but based on what we are seeing, these figures seem to be average.

Washington: Yields are average with size being a bit smaller than normal. We expect large onions to remain high with little or no price variance. Mediums will be more plentiful and we expect to see wider swings in their pricing.Utah: The onion crop in Utah looks good; yields are down a bit with nice size with more mediums than jumbos. Look for the market to follow other western states. Quality on the Utah onions is excellent–overall they’ve had a very good harvest season.

Colorado: Onion size varies greatly in Colorado. Yields are up and down. Quality looks good and the harvest is moving forward. Market prices are stable.

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