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Weekly Market Update for 12/18/17

Weekly Market Update for 12/18/17


Idaho: Potato demand is slowing down in Idaho. FOB prices have moderated on carton sizes. Quality remains good. Truck availability is still an issue with high rates making Idaho less competitive with other states who are closer to major markets.

Colorado: Demand is good for the next couple of days then start to loosen up. Quality is good, and prices have inched up a bit but will remain steady as demand drops.

Wisconsin: Demand exceeds offerings on 10 oz. and larger size potatoes. Prices are firm and quality is good.

Shippers will be closed on Christmas Day and may only run short shifts on the 22nd depending on demand and transportation. 


Today is the start of the ELD program for all trucks across the U.S. It will take a little time to truly understand the full significance of this new program but we expect freight rates will remain high for the foreseeable future.

Demand is high for trucks with heavy shipping from all western locations. Transportation issues are hurting movement with truck and rail car shortages which may continue to be a problem. It appears these issues are causing slower movement in the Northwest.


Idaho/Eastern Oregon: In earlier reports, we’ve mentioned that the size and yield of the Idaho/Eastern Oregon onion crop were smaller than normal, with most growers reporting at least a 25% decrease in volume. The transportation shortage has slowed movement somewhat. Several contracts have been reduced, canceled, or have substituted trucks for rail at higher prices. All in all, quality is good and the market is steady. We don’t expect to see any big increase in price for at least the next several weeks.

Washington: Washington onions are very nice. Yields are generally average but size is a bit smaller than normal. Prices in Washington have slipped a bit but it’s due to transportation costs. Most shippers are reporting the market as steady. RailEx rates are moving up to follow the trucks but it appears Washington will have at least some transportation options that other areas may not enjoy. It’s hoped that trucks will loosen up after Christmas but the ELD mandate is the wild card at the moment.

Utah: The crop has nice size and produced more jumbo onions but with yields down a little. Look for the market to follow the other western states. Quality is excellent and overall Utah has a very good harvest. Trucks that finish in Salt Lake City give Utah an advantage for transportation some other areas don’t have at the moment.

Colorado: Onion size seems to vary greatly in Colorado. Yield also seems to vary. Quality looks good as they move forward with the harvest. Market price is stable.

Mexico: Planting for early onions is nearly complete and the weather has been perfect. Early projections are for a late January harvest. However, rain at the wrong time could cause that to change.

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