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Fresh Produce Update For 02/12/18

Fresh Produce Update For 02/12/18

Garnand Marketing can help you with fresh produce year-round by partnering with you to provide the highest quality produce at the best prices, whether it be load by load or on a contract basis.


Idaho: Potato demand in Idaho is light with Norkotah pricing down a bit from last week. There is good availability on all items. Look for promotions for Potato Lover’s Month in February.

Colorado: Demand for potatoes is light in Colorado. Prices are steady but you might find a deal or two.

Washington: In Washington, potato demand is light and prices have slipped a little. This is mostly due to transportation issues. Truck competition remains tight but there has been some relax in demand.

Wisconsin: Potato demand is fairly light with prices holding steady.


The national truck situation continues to be an issue. Many fear the prices are directly linked to the ELD implementation and a new shortage of drivers as operators leave the industry due to the new federal regulations.

As the 90-day temporary waiver for agricultural commodities ends, there are concerns there will be more problems for fresh produce. And as the ELD mandate goes into full effect, there will certainly be even more friction between truckers, shippers, and receivers during loading and unloading.


Idaho/Eastern Oregon: Transportation continues to be an issue from Idaho/Oregon. Some shippers are willing to give adjustments on FOB pricing to keep things moving. Quality remains good with few issues showing up. Jumbo yellows are the most plentiful and market is steady.

Washington: There has been some price slippage in Washington due to transportation issues and increased demand from several different commodities. We believe the market will settle down in the next week or so.

Utah: Utah seems to be moving more onions out but FOB’s are higher. Their freight rates are like Idaho potato rates, so better than the onion rates out of Idaho/Oregon. Quality appears to be good.

Texas/Mexico: As we finish early onions and prepare for the beginning of the next area there has been some cool weather that has slowed maturity so many growers are waiting until sometime this week to get started in volume. We expect the market to remain steady until we have all shippers packing around the end of this week. Next week we could find some market corrections, but time will tell. If you can receive flatbeds, you will find trucks are available but if you need refrigerated trucks, you may be faced with the same issues we have been faced with in the Northwest.

New Mexico: Crop looks good but will be mid-to-late June before they begin packing.

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